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We have available :  HARING, WARHOL, KAUFMAN, 

Let us ell your Harings & Warhols, & Kaufmans.
"As people look at the uncertain picture on Wall Street, People are cashing in their stocks, changing their liquidity and adding art to their portfolio.  Some local art galleries are seeing more customers who want to take money out of their stocks and put it on their walls instead,                                                                        by investing in art" .   -   November 7,                                                                        2008  Money News

Here on this web site, and at Christmas City Express; and, Contemporary Fine Art's collection of fine art, we do not sell art for investment. It is however, recognized by many, that a quality work of art can appreciate in value.  Our goal is to provide you with the best from our past collection, of the best, of the best in works of art from around the world - something that can enhance your atmosphere, and areas you live in, making you feel good about yourself, and happy to share the beauty of your environment with others.
We sell consigned art, and sell the inventory listed: to collectors who enjoy Fine Art, and not to collectors looking for any speculative investment.
 Enjoy this collection of fine art that is from various collectors and customers who enjoy displaying their collections. We are still helping collectors acquire HARING, WARHOL, KAUFMAN, PICASSO, DALI, VASARELY, & MANY OTHER ARTISTS. 
Custom Framing,  Fine Art, Posters, Limited Edition Prints
Fred Bees, Steve Kaufman, Audubon, Haring, Warhol, Vasarely
Sell your: Andy Warhol & Keith Haring Prints and Originals !



The Rat Pack  - $6500.00
30" x 40"

Flowering Inspiration 
David Donnangelo
NEW!   Dove - Litho - $375.00
(paper size approx:  11" x 14")

Largest Vasarely in the world.
Approx: 40" x 79"
We are now taking on consignment Andy Warhol and Keith Haring Prints and Originals ! Buy / Sell / Trade ... Contact : The Gallery
Keith Haring - Andy Warhol
(signed by both artists)
Poster - $390.00
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Rare - Steve Kaufman - Original Painting Available
Oil Screenprint - $29,900

Unique Image - Limited Number of Original Variation Images
only one available (price may change)

 A unique Pope John Paul Portrait is also available.
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There are significant moments in everyone's life that deserve to be valued; and, we are passionate about capturing those moments through offering you Quality Fine Art reflecting your personal tastes and lifestyle. Done well, paintings, graphics, posters, and creative expressions can reflect emotions, personalities and sentiments that shine through - creating memories, images, and expressions that will last a lifetime in a good Quality work of Art.
We offer a wide variety of Quality Fine Art, Limited Edition Prints, Posters, Gifts, and Custom Framing, and can also custom mat and frame photos, diplomas, and items with memories that are special to you ... for you.
It would be an honor and a pleasure to provide you with Quality Fine Art from our past collection to enhance the significant places, areas, offices, and personal collections representing your tastes and special moments in your life.               
This web site is maintained to liquidate inventory from years of accumulation. It is not to be assumed we are actively in the business of selling Fine Art. Instead we maintain this site to primarily sell inventory collected, as many of the works you see are on consignment from other collectors. We are not actively in the business of selling art with a retail location.
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Salvador Dali Unique
Moses - Platinum Relief  
22" x 28"
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Private and Corporate - Commercial Framing Available
Art Consultations and Art Decor Planning.
Works of art can fluctuated in value over the years.  Since we are not in the business to sell  by recomendation of it's increasing in value, collectors need to know that Fine Art fluctuates in value, and it can not be assumed that what it is the present value today will also be the same value tomorrow.  It can also be assumed that the value of Fine Art work from years past would be the same value as determined today. We are not in the business of speculating, and do not sell art as an investment recomendation.  We sell consigned art, and the inventory listed to collectors who enjoy Fine Art, and not to collectors looking for any speculative investment.
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