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Andy Warhol(Andrew Warhola)
One of the most prolific and powerful artists of the twentieth century, and father of the modern POP art movement has found his way into the collections of Contemporary Fine Art.
     KIKU -  Silkscreen  - 19 5/8 " x 26"
         Estimate: $30,000 - 50,000
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        We deal in authentic Andy Warhol works from the 1960's, 1970's, and 1980's, featuring some of his most distinct art including the Marilyn and Campbell's Soup collections. To this day, Andy Warhol's prints and multiples - are multiplying to the next generations just like his initial concept of POP art (art reflecting the times of multiplication and commercial mass production and impulse)
The Andy Warhol Market changes day to day, however, currently this is what we can offer you in his signed prints and posters. The Unseen Warhol !
Andy Warhol - Bald Eagle
(Price on Request due to it's market value Fluctuations)
Estimate ...  $75,000.00
Andy Warhol's Santa
with Diamond Dust
Approx  ... 38" x 38"
Estimate:  $49,000.00
Warhol's Ted Kennedy
with Diamond Dust
30" x 40"
Estimate: $45,000
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