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"Calibration of Light"
The Covenant Key
8" x 11" Giclee on Canvas

Edition of 88 - signed
Gallery List Price is $750.00

Your Cost is:
Price: $250.00
"Peace Dove" Litho
Printers Proof on Paper
Edition of 10 p/p
11" x 14"

Research Image to determing the actual colors, design, and direction of the printing.
Gallery Listprice is: $800.00

Your Cost:
Price: $250.00
"Humanity Poster Signed
An award winning image -awarded several times over.
24" x 34" Litho Poster (ArtExpo)

Gallery List Price
Signed is: $100.00

Your Cost Signed Is:
Price: $39.95
Fantisy Poster
Double Varnished
25" x 36" Signed

A dipiction of a supernatural metaphysical fantisy image ...
Psalm 8:2, and Psalm 148: 1-5

Executed at 16 years of age by David, this poster image is a Litho of the original watercolor. When first seen, many people had never viewed a Watercolor tecnique painted in the style like this, nor executed by an artist at an age of 16 like the artist was.

Gallery List Price
Signed: $100.00

Your Cost Signed:
Price: $39.95
JESUS THE CHRIST with His Mother - Donnangelo Litho
Signed Litho 16" x 28"

This image - Litho - is a depiction of JESUS being held by His mother Mary.

From the artists renditions of Early Master Works - studies of Rennaissance Biblical paintings, this Litho was produced as an oil on canvas originally 20" x 30" while executing studies of Master Works.

This is typical of the artists style of Master paintings and leanings to create images of JESUS the CHRIST

The image of JESUS with His mother so moved the heart of the publisher who was Hindu, that he offered to produce the painting as a litho and publish it as a limited edition.

Gallery List Price
signed is: $250.00

Gallery Cost to you signed is:
Price: $150.00
SELFLESS HOPE by David Donnangelo
"Selfless Hope" is an Original Litho from an aquatint etching published. The etching edition, now very rare, is saught after by collectors.

11" x 14" Signed

This litho edition is from the signed and limited numbered series of marked images, produced from a copy of an open edition of which many many thousands were distributed.

A copy of this print is in a collection of modern art in the Vatican, Vatican City,
Rome, Italy.
Gallery Cost $195.00

Your Cost: $95.00 or FREE with a purchase from the Gallery of over $350.00
Price: $250.00
"Wet Water World"

Pre-Publication Printers Proof Giclee on Canvas. 11" x 14" signed by the artist.

Edition size is 100, also with 10PP, 10HP, 10TP, 5 HC created Litho's

Pre-Publication: $450.00

Your Pre-Publication Cost:
(Order in Advance - Pre-Order)
Price: $250.00
The Call (Pre-Publication Price)
The Call (Pre-Publication Price)
Lithograph - 13" x 19" ($250.00)
Eternal Night  (Pre-Publication Price)
Eternal Night (Pre-Publication Price)
Lithograph - 13" x 19" ($250.00)
Forest Stream (Pre-Publication Price)
Forest Stream (Pre-Publication Price)
Lithograph - 13" x 16" ($250.00)
Wailiali  (Pre-Publication Price)
Wailiali (Pre-Publication Price)
Lithograph - 11" x 14" ($250.00)
Huck Finn (Pre-Publication Price)
Huck Finn (Pre-Publication Price)
Lithograph - 11" x 14" ($250.00)
David Michael Donnangelo

David Michael Donnangelo
We carry a wide range of images by David Donnangelo to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.
David Michael Donnangelo began his career while still in grade school, and continues to inspire people in all walks of life around the world through his use of Christian imagery, Biblical prophetic insight, powerful colors, and meaningful imagery to this very day.  He has been the recipient of multiple awards and has presented art work alongside of such greats as Andy Warhol. He maintains an extensive collection with works acquired by and permanently on display in locations such as Moravian College, Bell & Howell Corporation, The Newman Center, NC4 Christian Community, Wegmans Corporation, Childrens Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania House of Prayer, Berg, Shults and Green, and many other institutions including Christian communities, as well as international collections.
David received the award for the best artist in Notre Dame Elementary in Bethlehem Pa. Junior year of high school, received an award scholarship to the Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Arts located at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania..
Received Best in Show Award from Bethlehem Side Walk Art Show Invitational for "Humanity". Studied Sculpture under the internationally acclaimed sculptor Itala Scanga.  The Weaversville Intensive Treatment Unit in Weaversville, Pa. (rated sixth in the country in the positive rehabilitation of juvenile offenders), under the direction of Dr. Arthur Eisenbuch, P.H.D. implemented (allowed to hang art work) as part of their healing research. David was the youngest artist to exhibit at the International Art Expo in New York City. Exhibiting with Andy Warhol, Leroy Neiman, and Peter Max.
Commissioned to produce five large narrative murals by Moravian College for the English Department.The murals narrate Toni Cade Bambara's, "The Lesson" ; James Joyce's, "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" Mark Twain's, "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" ; William Wordsworth's, "Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey"; and the classic in Old English, "Beowulf'. These murals permanently hang in the English Department of Moravian College.
Served on the board of directors of the New Art's Program founded by James Carroll in Kutztown, Pa. This nonprofit organization helps new emerging artists get a start in their careers, and has the complete supporting endorsements, as well as, even helped some of the most famous modern names in the arts and humanities today. World famous personalities such as: John Cage, Phillip Glass, Keith Haring,
Bill T.Jones, Meredith Monk, Klaus Kertess, and Robert Stanley are associated with the New Arts Program..
Received a research scholarship grant from the Violetta De Mazia Trust at the prestigious Barnes Foundation for extensive Advanced Critical Analysis of Fine Art of the Barns Foundation Collection. The Barnes Foundation is a private trust which holds the largest and some of the most important impressionist and nineteenth-century paintings in the world today. A majority of it's world famous, vast private collection is reported-ly never been seen by the public.
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