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Salvador Dali
(1904 - 1989)
The Great Spanish painter, graphic artist, filmmaker, writer...was one of the most colorful artists of the 20th century. His work permeated the globe internationally with collectors still to this day seeking to collect the unique images of this genius of 20th century art.
A modern master of the surreal arts, Salvador Dali's works continually challenged all convention by questioning the antithesis of surrealism: our normal sense of the "real."
An expansive movement that extended beyond the canvas, Surrealism embraced literature, music, cinema, philosophy and popular culture. Dali's works drew inspiration from fellow Surrealists, such as Giorgio de Chirico, Max Ernst, Joan Miro...
Original Lithograph
Hand Signed by Dali
Published by Levine and Levine
Approx: 24" x 32"

This is an authentic Litho, not a reproduction often sold as real with a Dali signature printed in the paper.

This print is from the original edition.

Insurance Cost: $8500

Your Cost:
Price: $7,200.00
Original Platinum - Silver Coated Bas Relief Sculpture
[ I ] 37 / 75

Very Limited to 75 in this edition and signed on the relief by Dali. (International Edition)
SOLD - Other inventory of this item might be available!

20" x 25"

Directly acquired from the publisher.
Market Cost is : $8500

Your Cost:
Price: $4,500.00
Salvador Dali works of art have fluctuated in value over the years.  Since we are not in the business to sell  by recommendation of it's increasing in value, collectors need to know that Dali art fluctuates in value, and it can not be assumed that what it is the present value today will also be the same value tomorrow.  It can also be assumed that the value of Dali's work from years past would be the same value as determined today. We are not in the business of speculating, and do not sell art as an investment recommendation.  We sell consigned art, and the inventory listed to collectors who enjoy Fine Art, and not to collectors looking for any speculative investment.
This signed Dali Lithograph is Still Available!
This signed Dali Lithograph is Still Available!
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